Examples of our Wood and Metal, Stripping, Refinishing, Restoration, Powder Coating

We are experts in both wood and metal stripping and refinishing, and our expertise has been put to the test time and again for three decades.   Below are a few samples and descriptions of the type of work we do:

Patch Adams A Stripping Workshop's wood refinishing expertise has been put to use by the movie industry for two Robin Williams films shot on location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A large fireplace mantel from a house in Piedmont, California was stripped and refinished for Patch Adams, and a range of work was completed for the house that became the jungle in Jumanji.

From the "Purple Church" The chair on our homepage is one of a large set from The Purple Church in San Francisco where just about everything was covered in purple paint. We carefully dipped these hand carved oak chairs into our heated tank and safely removed nearly all the purple paint. Our staff then skillfully removed the remaining paint from the intricately carved portions. Take a look at the detail

Springs and other car parts powder coated We strip and powder coat an extremely wide variety of metal parts for our commercial/industrial clients including automotive parts, medical equipment, and machinery for the oil refining industry, to give just a few examples. Drive Shafts

Blue Clawfoot Bookcase Before Stripping Because we have multiple dipping tanks (separate hot and cold tanks) we can do work our competitors wouldn't even think about touching including heavily painted items and delicate veneered furniture. These two "before" examples (bookcase at left, armchair at right) are not problems for us and will look fantastic when we're done. Green Armchair Before Stripping


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