Our Services ~ Wood and Metal, Stripping, Refinishing, Restoration, Powder Coating

Wood and Metal Stripping, Refinishing, Restoration

Furniture Stripping and Refinishing by Hand We are experts at wood and metal stripping, refinishing and restoration using safe and effective methods to remove paint, stain, coatings and other finishes.

We're the largest Bay Area stripping shop, and we're one of only a handful of shops nationwide that use multiple dipping tanks at different temperatures to help us strip and protect the items we're working on.

If you have any questions about this process, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page or contact us at (925) 427-6098 or via e-mail at info@strippingworkshop.com

Need help getting your items to our shop? We can pick up your items or we can help arrange for you to deliver or ship it to us. Just let us know how we can help.

Below is a short list of some of the types of items and materials we can handle. We have literally stripped thousands of different types of items, so if you don't see the item you're considering stripping below, give a call and we'll let you know if, and how, we can help you.

Doors (Interior & Exterior) Auto Parts
Tables/Buffets Commercial/Industrial Parts
Chairs/Rocking Chairs Heater Covers
Patio Furniture Bike Parts
Kitchen Cabinets Baked-On Powder Coated Finishes
Antiques/Heirlooms Computer Cases
Office Furniture, Cabinetry Benches

Whatever you have, and whatever condition it's in, whatever you do don't get rid of it ~ remember, “They don't make things like they used to!”

You never know what you'll discover under all that paint or coatings. So let us help you discover the beauty beneath and save yourself a bunch of time, mess and hassle!


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